SJ Cabot's journal - 2013-10-15



Other detectives had been working the case while we were off and nicknamed our suspect the Hunter. Pellettier talked to his contacts but didn’t get anything any more concrete than that someone—our suspect, probably—was tracking down information about the Shadow Parliament. Nitch had done some digging in his off-time and found out basically the same thing. Oh, and this person can teleport from place to place. But that wasn’t news, so I’m not sure why they felt the need to restate it.

McFly decided it was appropriate to interrupt the briefing with questions about local politics and Lizzy’s top challenger. I know it was intended to be a jab at me for having a relative in office, but it’s hardly my fault if he hasn’t amassed any allies or power in the last 500 years. And it’s not like he’ll find anybody more willing to work for his “rights” than her. Despite my insistence, she continues to advocate for full SR equality. I won’t lie, I hate her a little bit for that.

Powers was able to get some information about VIC-871425-01 and VIC-871688-01. They both held essentially the same position in the government at different times. She’s working with government officials to warn other people who were or are in the same situation. It was difficult to get much specific information, as some of it is covered by international law. She also told us that she had received a stern message from the Prime Minister, by way of Lizzy, ordering her to stop poking into our victims’ records. I FELT FRUSTRATED BECAUSE THIS SEEMED LIKE A SOLID LINE OF INVESTIGATION. I think I’ll be talking to Lizzy about this.

McFly tried to email Inspector Otwell asking how we were supposed to work the case if we couldn’t get all the relevant information, but the network ate his message. Other messages went through fine. Cooper’s computer crashed when she tried, and Poe was kicked off the network when he tried. He tried to hack himself back on, and got a message, “Here there be dragons.” Hall scanned him and found psionic energy signatures. I FELT SUSPICIOUS AND WILL BE TALKING DIRECTLY TO OTWELL ABOUT THIS.

Hall made a few calls regarding the dropped messages while Poe talked to cyber about getting back onto the network. They confirmed that there was a mentat preventing him from reconnecting to the network, but they couldn’t trace it. It probably isn’t in our sector, anyway.

McFly finally deigned to tell us the name of POI-871425-05, and Byers did some research. She found a relative in Europe who was quite helpful in establishing that our suspect is indeed the person McFly thought it was.

McFly, Nitch, and Cooper had themselves a little huddle and then all left together. Cooper failed utterly at being inconspicuous. I told Poe, and of course Byers butted in. She said Cooper was going to lunch, which is fine, but why was she trying to be sneaky about it? Something was up.

About an hour later, we got word that there had been an explosion—at McFly’s house. Just as we got there, a pretty beaten-up McFly was reappearing out of thin air, just like our suspect. Two lo-lis who can teleport? I’m not sure I buy it.

Cooper told us POI-871425-05 was responsible for the explosion. Then she gave us a note they had left for McFly when he woke up. I FELT ANGRY BECAUSE HE HAD ONCE AGAIN BEEN WITHHOLDING INFORMATION FROM US. The note basically said, “Butt out, brother. This is my problem—not yours.” Hall concentrated on it for a long while then shot McFly with a stun blast, knocking him out. I FELT ELATED AND MIGHT EVEN HAVE HUGGED HER IF SHE WASN’T A COLD, DEAD LEECH. She had Poe remove the lo-li’s badge and weapons, and ride with him in the ambulance. Then she blurred around the scene, collecting bits and pieces, and told us to meet her back at the squad room.

When we got back, Hall told us that McFly had been taken to medical and restrained to the bed with a guard. He’s not officially under arrest. I FELT DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE AN ARREST WOULD GET HIM OUT OF MY HAIR FOR GOOD. She said she’s a psychometrist (as if she needed to give me yet another reason to dislike her) and that she got a really powerful reading off of the note and learned several things:

  • McFly has been hiding various unspecified “things.”
  • The Shadow Parliament still exists in some form.
  • The suspect holds the Shadow Parliament responsible for the Great Revelation and is punishing them.
  • The suspect has a list of 148 people and places to do with the Shadow Parliament, of which 111 are marked off.
  • A vision from the suspect’s god set them on their “path of righteousness.”

Hall wanted to talk to Moss and Otwell before we moved forward. She ordered us not to talk about the case to anyone outside the squad—not even our shrinks. Then she ordered me be singularly focused on catching the suspect, to head directly back to her after we captured them, and to not talk about it outside of her office. The second order made total sense to me, so I didn’t suspect that it was supernatural until Cooper said, “Please don’t use your powers on me.” I confronted Hall, who confirmed she had used her “powers” on me. I FELT SO ANGRY I NEARLY PUNCHED HER. I emailed Otwell right there, saying I’d be filing a formal complaint, as long as we could do it in Hall’s office—you know, since I couldn’t talk about it anywhere else.

A short time later, Nitch said he had a lead on where the suspect might be. He was sketchy about where he got the intel, but I was still angry at Hall and let it slide. Tech gave us a device that we could use to render the suspect powerless.

We went to Toy Town along with half a dozen other members of the squad. We split up into two teams when we got there and agreed to sweep through the park and meet at the carousel. Our group got there first where we were met by the Shadow Mimes. There were more than 30 of them. Byers asked to speak to their leader, Pagliacci. The Mimes started singing the Spanish national anthem. He appeared, they quieted, and he launched into Habanera from Carmen.

When he was done, the crazies all swooned at him. Byers tried talking but he interrupted. He said he would only allow us to live in return for a favor. We discussed and agreed, although I’m holding Byers personally responsible for it.

An hour and several performances later, the other group jaunted onto the scene with the suspect in tow. Cooper activated the device and the suspect along with four of our team were rendered completely powerless. Some of them fainted. I FELT SMUG BECAUSE NOW THEY WERE BASICALLY HUMAN. Copters flew in to pick us up, and I made Poe tranq me so I wouldn’t have to compulsively follow Hall’s order.

I woke up in Hall’s office to the faint sound of her crying. She smirked at me a little and then activated a little device that incinerated her. The fire suppression system activated and kept the flames from spreading. I FELT VINDICATED BUT DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE I WANTED TO USE HER ACTIONS AGAINST ME AS LEVERAGE. I went back to my desk and started my paperwork.

Otwell and Lizzy arrived, followed shortly by IA who started taking statements. My interview was interrupted by Lizzy and Otwell. Lizzy and I chatted while Otwell pulled up a holo-vid from a hidden camera. First he played the scene of Hall killing herself. Then he went a bit farther back to a point where she was debriefing Poe and Byers while I slept on the couch. It was obvious she was using her powers again and modifying their memories. Then it showed her modifying my memories while I slept. I FELT VIOLATED AND ANGRY AT MYSELF BECAUSE IF WERE AWAKE MAYBE I COULD HAVE RESISTED.

Lizzy ordered Otwell out and asked after my well being. She told me Otwell is out for blood and that the city council has been threatening to shut down the ECD. I FELT CONFLICTED BECAUSE ON ONE HAND THAT WOULD GET ME BACK INTO THE REAL WORLD BUT ON THE OTHER THAT WOULD MEAN SR WOULD BE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS AND ALL DEPARTMENTS WOULD HAVE TO HANDLE SR CRIME.

I briefed Lizzy on what I was going to tell Otwell about McFly, and then I confronted her about the Prime Minister’s order. She said he called her at home and ordered her to shut down the line of questioning, basically threatening her position if she refused. The call wasn’t recorded or logged on her phone.

After things settled back down, Nitch came up from medical where he’d been talking with McFly. He let us know that the two of them think Hall was in the Shadow Parliament. I told everyone about the Prime Minister calling Lizzy. Just as we were wrapping up, Poe was forcibly implanted with the list of 148 people and places associated with the Shadow Parliament. He couldn’t copy it to any physical media but it was sent with an offer of more if we desired. The list indicated that the Prime Minister is in the Shadow Parliament. That certainly explained things.


SJ Cabot's journal - 2013-10-15

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