ECD-MPSY-5134449 Kearney Session Log 08-02-2013

It has been 14 months since the event that initiated Cabot’s fall from grace and during that time she has experienced an event of Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood lasting 18 days for which she was hospitalized, then suspension from the Sector 27 Homicide Division with pay following an IA inquiry for 6 months before being placed in ECD.

Her current program of a one hour session every two weeks has done little to mitigate her current diagnoses of mild Intermittent Explosive Disorder combined with Impulse Control Disorder. She continues to hold onto her anger at the events leading up to her son’s death, most of which is transparently aimed at herself but is taken out on those around her.

While detective work carries with it a certain amount of inherent violence, this is not the best outlet for her anger. It is the opinion of this doctor that Cabot enroll in an anger management course, beginning weekly then after 6 months decreasing to biweekly.

The only contact she has with her surviving child is through ethercom with her mother at Omnifarm Sector 9, where the child is currently staying. Suggestions of using vacation time to see her child have been met with hostility.

ECD-MPSY-5134449 Kearney Session Log 08-02-2013

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